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About us


Define U Fitness was created to provide a place where people will enhance their lives by consistently practicing Fitness, Nutrition, and Health. We work with a variety of clients, ranging from beginners to advanced. We evaluate all clients and create programs to help them achieve their goals. Our focus is making exercise fun and sustainable. Our body is our machine and we use all the tools available to us in the gym and in our surrounding environment. We hike, run, swim, lift weights and play multiple sports to enhance natural movement patterns and stay limber. We are all given one body, one life and one chance to be the best we can be. Come join us, while defining U!



Our mission is to empower you, to enhance your life to its fullest potential. We will strive to educate you, encourage you and give you a dose of positive energy on a daily basis that will give you a sense of unlimited potential.


The Truth Starts Here


Define U Fitness is a name that we chose because it encompasses every act of life. You will ultimately determine where “U” end up. “Your actions, your thoughts, and your mindset will determine all that you do or do not accomplish.”



Tommy has been studying exercise, sports and nutrition for life. Growing up as an athlete, Tommy was coached by several coaches in an array of sports. Tommy excelled in Soccer, Baseball, Football, and Boxing. After growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Football and Baseball brought Tommy to San Diego to compete at a high level and study for a Degree in Kinesiology at San Diego State University. After succumbing to injuries and meeting the love of his life, Tommy decided to become a San Diegan and become a local Coach and Trainer to help others stay healthy and avoid training mistakes made on their path to greatness. For the last eight years, Tommy has been operating out of SDSU Aztec Recreation Center. He has built a reputation as a Transformation Specialist and Trainer to up and coming youth athletes who have high expectations. After ten years in the industry, Tommy has serviced over 25,000 hours of training and has truly mastered his craft. He has created a loyal following of high achieving clients who continue to set new goals each year.

During his eight year run at SDSU, Tommy studied the business side of Fitness and developed a plan to build a gym that was a family like atmosphere and was about more than just going to the gym. His vision was to create a place that was clean, comfortable, state of the art and provided coaches that are experienced, educated and motivating. Define U Fitness is a site that will host real transformations and provide life changing experiences. The goal of Define U is to be a center where clients set and achieve personal goals while living and learning how to beat life’s obstacles. Fitness is a commitment to your health and well-being and becomes a huge part of your life. One of the main reasons for opening Define U was so Tommy can extend his reach to help more people. He couldn’t have found a better partner in life who was already a nutrition and wellness freak. This dynamic duo of Tommy and Tuni a.k.a. “TNT” is here to takeover your health and wellness and combine their expertise with a World Class team of coaches. DUF Coaches will be a dedicated team of positive, focused, high performing individuals that will work side by side with Tommy and Tuni to help each and every client become a super human version of themselves. Define U Coaches will lead by example by way of hard work, dedication, passion and commitment to themselves, their teammates, their members and their vision.

Define U Fitness will not only get people in shape but they will teach people how to care for themselves and not rely on others to monitor their health. Together, “TNT” have already helped numerous clients reach many goals, including but not limited to: Losing 100+ pounds, beat diabetes, obesity, anorexia, pharmaceutical addictions, heart medications, back problems, liver failure, IBS, and numerous acute and chronic injuries. In today’s healthcare, those who stay on top of their records, check ups and personal care will have the best chance of surviving. Your body and mind will tell you how you feel if you are in tune with it. You must listen to it, and work with it without ignoring signs and symptoms, you need to read them, evaluate them and consistently practice healthy habits to live a long, strong, active life. Define U will teach their clients to consume their intake consciously, work hard in and out of the gym and get enough rest to get up and get after it day after day.